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What is Net Nutrition and Affect, Learn More Big Things


There has been a new turn in the debate over Net Nutrition. The Department of Telecom has approved the recommendations of Net Nutrition.

After this, the same fee will be charged for any service on the internet. After this decision, Indian Internet users have been relieved. Many of you may have heard about Net Nutrition more than once, but some people may not know the meaning of the word. In this post we are telling you the net nutrality and the big things related to it.

What is Net Nutrition?

Net neutrality is a principle in which the Internet Service Providers look at all types of data in the same way. In addition, this theory eliminates the individual charging on user, content, website, platform, application etc.

Internet service providers will give every kind of data on the internet the same status and take the same price. For example: Under this principle, service providers can not deliberately block or slip any website or online content. At the same time, there is no additional charge for it.

understood in easy language, whether there is a common man on the Internet or a big company, everyone should get an equal opportunity. Some telecom companies are those who want to shut down the rest of the websites by giving free or faster speeds to some websites.

However, according to Net Nutrality, all users on the Internet should get equal speed. For example: when you bought mobile then you have to pay mobile money separately, separate the charger, separate the earphone, separate the packaging, and for other things, ask for a separate money, it will be called a net neutrality violation. Apart from this, traffic on any road involves cycling, motor cars and trucks, and in the traffic system, they will be called Net Nutrality if they are treated equally.

Benefits of Net Nutrition?

Telecom companies charge different charges for different services from users. Some services are also blocked. Companies will not be able to charge separate charges for different services from every user after Net Nutility comes.
Companies also reduce the speed of the internet. After the introduction of this principle, every website will get the same speed.
Telecom companies will not be able to block or slow the data consolidating services.
Companies will not be able to provide free data for any such app, which gives the company money separately.

What is the provision for Net Nutrality?

After approving the recommendations of Net Nityality, no mobile operators or internet service providers will be able to give priority to any special or preferred website in the case of internet speed.

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundarajan said, “The Commission has approved Net Nutrality recommended by TRAI, but only certain important services will be excluded from its scope. The Commission has also approved National Digital Communication Policy-2012, known as the new telecom policy. Now it will be sent to the cabinet for the government’s seal.

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