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Wave charger:- technology to provide portable affordable charging solutions

It is a bit difficult to move the charger from one place to the next and find the electric board to charge the mobile phone. To get the solution to this problem, a company called Wave Charger has started this business in the region of Delhi.

Mobile phones that can charge by Wave Charger.

Web Charger is a mobile software. Through this software, all mobile phones that hold micro USB and C type or lighting courts are charged by the web charger device.

Wave Charger Application Screen’s first view

How to use Wave Charger?

  • First of all, you have to Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth then check your phone’s internet connection.
  • Now download the wave charger app through from Play Store.
  • Here is a link of wave charger Application.
  • After installing the application open the application and scan the QR on the device.
  • Now you will see a packaging screen. You have to select a package for charging.
  • Here are two options 30 minutes or 60 minutes of charging time.
  • Now you have to pay by the digital payment method.
  • Now Plug your phone in the right charging port.

Locations for wave charger:-

To find out Wave Charger’s availability near Delhi, we have to turn on the GPS of our mobile phone and after the GPS switch on, we can see where the Wave charger is available.
At the place where a Wave charger is available, we can charge your phone through the Wavecharger application.

A Map View of Wave Charger Availability.

Time take to Charge a Mobile:-

Your phone can charge about 50 percent in 1 hour by the Charger. Wave Charger’s device keeps the best quality charging port and cable in the system to charge your phone at the fastest speed.

Is Wave charger is Safe for Mobile phone’s Battery?

The Wave Charger’s device is completely safe for the phone’s battery
Wavecharger device is considered as a certified product by BIS, and it is considered completely safe at national and international level

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