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SIM swap: Learn how hackers make people dip and how to avoid

Over the past few days, hundreds of millions of people have been smeared to SIM by swapping SIMs in India. According to information from cyber cell of Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi Police, many incidents of SIM swaps have come out. Hackers through sim swap have been charging millions of users in minutes.

Let’s know about SIM Swap

What is the SIM swap?

Due to SIM swap, hackers exchange SIMs of your registered mobile number in the second SIM. After that the network disappears from your SIM and you do not even know. Due to SIM swap, these numbers activate the hackers in their mobile. After this hackers access your banking services to all types of OTP and you get millions of crores of rupees.

Hunting like this

Hackers call you through the name of your telecom service provider. After that, they tell you that you have to change the SIM for your call drop problem or any type of network problem and you will be given a new SIM.

Seeks SIM number

During the hackers call, you ask for the number of 20 digit digits on your SIM. You can see this number in the rear portion of your SIM. Using this number, hackers change the registered SIM with your mobile number. As soon as you come to their point of view, they tell you that you press 1 in your phone. Doing this gives the permission to swap SIM and the SIM swap process is completed. In this way most of the users become victims of a problem like SIM Swap when they come to them.

Mobile Signal gets disappeared

Once the SIM swap process is complete, the signal disappears from your mobile and your SIM is activated with the hackers.

Senior citizens are main victims

In most instances of sim swap, hackers make victims of senior citizens. Apart from this, women are also included in their list of victims. Hackers easily entangle them and execute the incident.

Protect like this

Whenever you are facing a network or any other problem, you can always swap your SIM by going to the official office of the telecom company. Do not interfere with any such call in any way. Also you do not share your SIM card number with anyone on call.

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