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Lenovo’s Multi-Functional Smart Device Launch

Lenovo has launched its smart display. This smart display works with the help of Google Assistance, which you can call any command. This device from Lenovo can get a bigger challenge from Amazon’s smart device, Amazon Echo. Let’s know about the Lenovo’s smart display’s features.

Lenovo Smart Display: Design

Lenovo’s smart display comes in two screen variants. The one in which the screen size is 8 inches, while the other variant’s screen size is 10 inches. This smart device looks like a large tablet, with a grill on its other side.

The device appears flat from the back side, with a speaker on the left side. The 8-inch variant is available in gray and dark color options, while the 10-inch variant is only available in white color option, behind which Bamboo design is given.

Lenovo Smart Display: FEATURES

Speaking of the Lenovo smart device features, the 8-inch variant has a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 while the 10-inch variant has a display panel of 1920 x 120 resolution. Both variants have a viewing angle of 86 degrees.

The 8-inch variant has a 1.75-inch speaker while the 10-inch variant has a 2-inch speaker. Both variants have a 10-watt speaker. There are also two tweets with the speaker. This device supports multi-room radio.

Lenovo Smart Display: Specifications

Speaking of specifications from this smart device, Snapdragon 624 SOC quad-core processor has been given in it. Speaking of memory, this device has been given 2GB RAM and 4GB flash e-multimedia memory card. This device also supports video calls, for which a 5 megapixel front camera is provided.

Physical buttons are also given to disable the camera and microphone of this device. Also the device supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The device also has a 2×2 microphone setup. You can operate this device using “Hey Google” voice command. Apart from this, the device also supports Google Apps YouTube. Plus, you can install some third party app in it too.

Lenovo Smart Display: Pricing and Availability

This smart device can be purchased from Lenovo’s online store. This device is currently only available in the US. The 8-inch variant is priced at 199.99 US $ 13,700, while the 10-inch variant is priced at 249.99 US $ 17,250.

There is no official information available for how long this device will be available in India.

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