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How Fingerprint Scanner Works, Are They Fully Safe ?

Companies have become vigilant about smartphone security. One of the main reasons for this is the rise in hacking events. Because of this, smartphone maker companies are trying to give better protection in their devices. Fingerprint scanners provided as biometric protection for all the smartphones being launched in the past, but the question arises as to how effective and accurate fingerprint scanners are. Is the fingerprint scanner correct only to stop snooping or can it also interrupt other types of hanking?

How many types of scanners are:

Smartphones being launched in today’s time are being made available with several security options. These scanners help keep users’ privacy and data safe. The following are the scanners

  • Pattern
  • PIN / Password
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Iris / Retina Scan
  • Face Recognition

How to Work Fingerprint Scanner:

Each person has two shapes in the fingerprint. When the user puts his finger on the scanner, CCD (Charged Coupled Device) light sensor produces a vomit image of the finger. It does it with its own light source. LED uses a lot of light to shape the finger, so that the image of the finger gets better. The image created by CCD sensor is a two toned image. In this image, if the dark area represents the fingers of the finger, then the light area reflects the space between the rows.

The processor in the scanner makes the image absolutely clear. Also checks whether the pixels are too dark. Right, if the image is more dark or more light then this image is deleted. After this the scanner adjusts the exposure time of the sensor and scans the fingerprint again. As long as the smaller image of this fingerprint is formed, the fingerprint is checked for a long time.

Fingerprint Scanner

Smartphones being launched in today’s time are being made available with several type of fingerprint scanner.

Capacitive scanners are different from digital scanners. Capacitive scanners use electrical current to validate fingerprint. These semiconductor chips are made of chip. Whenever the finger is placed on the capacitive scanner, the image of the finger is made by different process of input and output voltage.

Ultrasonic scanners have recently been introduced. They are first introduced in Samsung’s latest S10 Series smartphones. Ultrasonic Plus is transmitted to the users’ finger through the screen. It creates the right 3D fingerprint of finger riddles and holes.

Security concerns are increasing with fingerprint scanners:

If someone knows how a fingerprint scanner works then it would also know that breaking its security is not a big deal. For example: The safety of fingerprint sensor can broken with the help of dental mold cast. At the same time, if someone has a 3D printer and the high resolution image of the fingerprint of the device’s owner, then a 3D printer mold can made through the printer and the device can also be unlocked. However, some people argue that more PINs, passwords and patterns are more secure than fingerprint scanners. However, your phone is safe as long as you do not store any highly sensitive information in it. Let us know that the fingerprint scanners in the smartphones only partially record. In this way breaking the phone becomes easy to hack. 40 to 50 percent of the smartphones go open without any numeric pin demand.

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