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Are you using a stolen mobile phone? how to check.

Nowadays, many people buy used smartphones or second-hand mobile phones. There are many websites where we can buy the used smartphone at a lower price. From Apple iPhone to Samsung, you like to buy expensive mobile phones. In such a case, before buying any used smartphone, you should find out that the smartphone is not theft anywhere. If you bought a used smartphone and it came out of stealing then you might have to get trapped in legal trouble. Therefore, before purchasing secondhand smartphones you should find out that the phone you are purchasing is not theft.

This way you can find the address

Before purchasing any second-hand mobile phone, you can get all information related to any mobile by sending a message to the telecom department’s helpline number 14422. For this, type KYM at 14422 and after that write your phone’s IMEI number and send it. After sending the SMS, you have all the information related to that mobile phone’s manufacturer.

Find the IMEI number like this

To send an SMS, you should know about your mobile phone’s IMEI number. The IMEI number is usually entered on the phone bill and on the box. If you do not have both of these, you can still remove this IMEI number from your phone. For this, you have to type * # 06 # in your phone’s dialer. After this, you have to press the calling button. By doing so, your mobile phone’s IMEI number appears on your display. You can write this number somewhere.

This app can also be addressed by

Through the C-Dot bond app, you can also get all the information about your smartphone. For this, you can download this app from Google Play Store. Let us know that through SMS you will get information about the manufacturer of mobile, brand, model and which band it supports. Now people change the IMEI number of the stolen mobile. In this way, through this SMS, you will be able to find out about the actual IMEI number.

Thousands of phones are running on the same IMEI number

Thieves usually change the IMEI to hide the identity of mobile. The trial of Central Industrial Identity Register (CEIR), which started in Pune, to prevent such theft. It can be implemented in the country from December this year, after which all illegal mobile networks will not run. Let me tell you that there are thousands of mobile running on the same IMEI somewhere. The government has imposed a 3-year sentence and penalty on implementing the IMEI. Police and agencies can take legal action against the person who is compromised by IMEI and also can be sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment.

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