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8K TV challenge for India and other countries

One of the largest tech events in the world, CES 2018, this time 8K TVs were introduced to the users. This TV with 8K technology is presented to LG users. 8K TV is a landmark in the world of Visual Experience. It will not be wrong to say that after watching any video on it, you will not like any screen in the world. But the more this TV characteristic is the challenge. In such a case, 8K TV’s biggest challenge is that content will be available to users in 8K quality. In this way, we are going to tell you about the specialties and challenges related to 8K TVs.

What is 8k?

In 4K TV, you get a resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels. However, in 8K TV you get a screen resolution of 7,680 × 4,320 pixels. Understand the pixels in easy language, the better the depth quality of the TV or the number of pixels in the photo is as good. You get double pixels compared to 4K in 8K TV. But 8K is not limited to just pixels quality. In it you get the best color quality with Real Experience.

How come the name of 8K?

The manufacturer of Japan introduced the first 8K TVs in CES 2013. The company described the 88-inch 8K TV as a milestone. Although this TV was not made available for sale for a year or two. However, the biggest challenge for the TV was the 8K content. At that time, giving 4K quality to broadcasters was the biggest challenge. In this way, Japan’s broadcaster NHK started the first 8K satellite broadcasts in 2016. 2016 Rio Olympics was broadcasted at 8K by NHK. However, users could only see them in theaters with a special resolution.

What are the challenges of 8K TV?

From India to 1080 pixel HD televisions worldwide has accelerated. But if some of the world’s selected countries are left out, then there is still a puzzle for 4K quality users. Actually, like HD content for HD TVs, 4k TVs need 4K content. But where do you get these 4k content If India does it, more than 85 per cent of the films and programs are broadcast in HD or less. There are only a few of those content which are found in 4K quality. However, there are many content of 4k quality on medium like u-tube and Amazon-netflix. But when it comes to 8K TVs there is a big question about its content in all countries around the world.

Actually, the 2016 Rio Olympics have been broadcasted in 8K from the NHK in Brazil, but there was no such big event that was seen in 8K quality.


The cost of 4K TVs is much higher than the LED, so the huge cost of 8K quality TVs separates it from 80% of the world’s users. Apart from this, if you buy this TV, then will you bring 8K content on it?

The camera:

Camera makers are now offering 4K shoots in their product, but in these gadgets you do not get any choice of 8K quality. Although many companies are starting to offer 8K quality features in their product, but users will have to pay a heavy price for it.

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